Okay so: when I first found this video I loved the song but couldn’t get it to download for some reason so I settled with playing the video over and over. One day I’m playing this and it froze at 0:53 so I go to ctrl/alt/delete my bitch of a computer when my mom walks in. Take note she’s pretty strict on what I should watch and I am getting dressed so I have nothing on at this point. My mom just froze open mouthed because I’m standing there buck ass naked with a naked man on my screen so yeah…I’ll leave you to imagine how that conversation went…

I hate how sometimes you just want to be alone and hide in the corner, then you just want someone to hug and just love the hell out of, but then you want to murder everyone in a thousand mile radius and laugh as you roll in their blood.

A strawberry isn’t a berry but a banana is

Sherlock stood frozen in his bedroom doorway because he'd come home and found John down on one knee. "No!" John exclaimed quickly getting up, "I'm not! This isn't! I don't! Oh for fuck's sake, I don't even have a ring yet, I haven't even asked your parents for permission, or Mycroft, you know how he is, if I don't run it by him first he'll have me killed before we can set a date." "So if you're not going to propose, what are you doing on one knee?" Sherlock asked. "Tying my shoe."


*snortgiggle* XD